Success Stories

CYBERA Case Studies

Learn about how we've helped organizations disrupt financial cybercrime.

  • International Air Transport Association (IATA)

    IATA is a large organization with customers all over the world. Learn about how they utilize CYBERA VSR™ to help their customers when they are victims of fraud and aids communication between the global parties, increasing the chances of recovery through faster freezing by beneficiaries and gaining repatriation through correct payments recall procedures.

  • Crypto Investment Scam

    Millions of people around the world are falling for scams each year. No longer just the preserve of the naive, gullible or old, these scams can affect everyone. For Crypto this is often even harder as funds are moved multiple times, use mixers to hide the funds making them hard to trace. Learn how CYBERA was able to help someone recover $40k in crypto investments.

  • Schwyzer Kantonalbank (SZKB)

    SZKB like many financial institutions sees its customers fall victim to fraud and scams. As authorised scams, such as investment fraud, romance scams and impersonation continue to grow, SZKB wanted to help those customers who fall victim as well as help disrupt financial cybercrime – so they turned to CYBERA.

  • Crypto & Web3.0

    Crypto and Web3 are a key avenue used by fraudsters to scam investors out of their funds. There are many different scams from rug pulls to investment scams. Learn how our VSR™ and CRYPTOTRACE™ products helped a victim.

  • LGT Group

    LGT Group is a leading Swiss private bank and the largest royal family-owned banking group in the world. Learn how LGT improved their due diligence, transaction monitoring, and instant payments with CYBERA.

  • Leading Global Bank

    Learn about a leading global (European) B2B bank, that provides services to other banks and leading fintechs, is using CYBERA WATCHLIST™ to enhance its financial crime response.

  • Momint Web3 Marketplace

    Momint is South Africa's leading Web3 Marketplace. Learn how Momint improved their due diligence, transaction monitoring, onboarding and KYC of customers with CYBERA.

  • OpenSea

    OpenSea is the world's leading Web3 Marketplace. Learn how we help OpenSea scam victims recover stolen assets, and protect themselves from wallet drain scams.