CYBERA & Temenos: Working Together

Working with Temenos we’ve integrated our CYBERA WATCHLISTTM into their platforms; Infinity Retail Banking and Financial Crime Mitigation (FCM). Temenos and CYBERA have done the heavy lifting to integrate the products, which means that if you are already using one of these Temenos products, there is minimal work to do. Just sign up to turn on the APIs and configure the rules you want in the products and that’s it. 

Infinity Retail Banking Demo

Utilizing Watchlist within Temenos Infinity Retail Banking to prevent customers making payments to known mule accounts. In this demo you will see two main use cases: Attempting to set up a new beneficiary: One on the watchlist and one not and; Attempting to pay a beneficiary: One on the watchlist and one not. 

FCM Demo

CYBERA WATCHLIST™ can also be ingested into Temenos FCM to undertake use cases such as:

  • Customer Screening to prevent onboarding mules 
  • Detect mules through ongoing due diligence 
  • Beneficiary Screening to Improve Inbound and Outbound Transaction Monitoring 

In FCM this could be via matching to known persona data, such as name or email address, to IBANs as part of a transaction or as during further investigation. This demo will cover 4 uses cases: Ingesting Watchlist into FCM; Onboarding a new customer that’s on the watchlist; Making a payment to a beneficiary on the watchlist; and Generating a report showing alerts from hits on the watchlist.

Want to know more? Reach out to us here or your Temenos Account Manager.