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The complete communication and legal process submission tool for Law Enforcement agencies, Financial Institutions and Online Platforms.

Simplified and verified legal submission platform to expedite and track requests.

As the number of scams, fraud and other financial crimes increase, so does the number of information requests submitted to financial institutions and digital platforms. Simplify submission, vetting and tracking of law enforcement requests.

  • Customisable and embeddable forms

    Easily integrate CYBERA LER™ into your existing website and platforms to start receiving requests today.

  • Verified requestors

    Only receive requests from vetted law enforcement agencies to minimise risk and expedite responses.

  • Centralized communication

    Effectively communicate with law enforcement agencies and submit information from the platform.

  • Effectively manage and track all requests

    Never let anything fall through the cracks with automated reminders and task tracking.

How it works

Simplify processes, multiply your impact

Direct law enforcement agencies to a request submission page to quickly submit a request.

Receive notification of all new requests and track request from your dashboard.

Optimise operational efficiency and reduce costs with platform based communication.

The best way to handle requests

CYBERA LER™ gives your teams the confidence to act on requests and process them efficiently while always keeping the requesting agency in the loop.

  • Only receive requests from trusted and verified agencies
    Our operational team verifies all platform users to verify both the credentials of the agency and representatives so that you don’t have to.
  • Secure request handling
    Communicate securely through the platform and submit all documents to the request.
  • Automated notifications
    Receive and send automated notifications from the platform based on request updates.

Unlock operational efficiency – CYBERA LER™ in combination with CYBERA VSR™ streamlines complaint and request processing for Law Enforcement.

Cybera VSR™

End-to-end Cybercrime Victim Support & Response.

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