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Reduce losses & protect your customers from financial crime, whether fraud, scams or money laundering – upgrade your systems with CYBERA.

Losses to fraud and scams have never been higher and are still increasing.  Your customers are bombarded with scams of ever-increasing sophistication so no wonder so many get through. Mule accounts are key to the fraudster’s success, but data sharing to prevent continued abuse hasn’t been available, until now.

Cybercrime Watchlist helps you protect your customers by preventing sending payments to known mules, reducing losses and costs.Relieve and improve your first line of defence, by using

Cybercrime Complaint to help victims easily and quickly report frauds and scams globally, increasing your customer’s chances of a refund.

  • Centralized knowledge of cybercriminals on a global basis

    CYBERA uniquely provides an effective layer on top of open-source intelligence with tangible intelligence. Several data points on mules to match against in real-time, including Wallet Addresses, IBANs, phone numbers and emails. Provides actionable intelligence from global data sharing.

  • Protection Across the Life Cycle

    Help protect your customers from the impact of mules, frauds and scams, whether at onboarding or throughout the full lifecycle, including inbound & outbound payments.

  • Improve operational efficiency

    You or your customers report abuse via the White labelled CYBERA platform, reducing costs along with helping victims report quickly to increase the chances of recovery. Gain accurate metrics of the scope of scams to aid future anti-crime investment strategies.

Our solutions for
Financial Institutions

Cybercrime WATCHLIST™

Superior data. The new gold standard in cybercrime watchlists.

  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Onboarding & KYC
  • Intelligence & Investigations
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Cybercrime COMPLAINT™

Swiss excellence in customer protection. Actionable money laundering alerts.

  • How It Works
  • Victim Support
  • AML Compliance
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