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CYBERA Watchlist™

AI-driven AML Watchlist featuring 300+ daily high-risk fraud/scam indicators.

Reduce victim losses, costs & regulatory risk

Introducing the world’s first dedicated Scam Watchlist – a unique and powerful global dataset to detect and prevent cyber related financial crime, scams, and money laundering.

  • Unique data correlated to financial cybercrime

    High quality data providing actionable intelligence on money mules, including Wallet Address, IBANs, email and social.

  • Efficiently improving fraud detection

    Protect customers by improving rules and ML-models with additional insights, reducing false positives, while still preventing fraud.

  • Support your growth strategy

    Launch new fiat or crypto products and services with the risk intelligence you need to meet regulations, while keeping costs down.


Our Platform

Integrating our data means higher automatic approval rates and a decrease in fraudulent accounts, false positives, manual reviews and unnecessary document requests. Improve cybercrime related risk decisions from onboarding and beyond.

data points

  • Bank Accounts (AML)
  • Crypto Addresses (AML)
  • High-Risk VASPs
  • Suspect Beneficiary Names
  • Scam URLs (Websites)
  • Scam Phone & Email
  • Scam Social Media Profiles
  • Crime Trends
  • Cross-matches
  • Patterns / Typologies

FATF and leading industry groups such as P20 confirm the value of information sharing. Our concept breaks today’s silos and centralizes tangible cybercrime data points to add an extra layer of actionable intelligence to your fraud and money laundering defense.


Transaction Monitoring

Cyber enabled financial crime and fraud are on the rise and the costs to manage these risks are increasing. Our solution adds an effective additional layer of actionable intelligence to your transaction monitoring and blacklisting concept.

  • Uniquely sourced information in real-time from official victim complaints.
  • Stop, alert or track payments to & from known mule accounts, reducing money laundering.
  • Improve your compliance with increasing regulation and protect your customers.

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Relevant industries

  • Financial Institutions
  • Crypto Businesses
  • Online Businesses

KYC & Due Diligence

Reduce your risk of onboarding mules and fraudsters at the earliest point by enhancing KYC and Due Diligence checks. Reduce costs, regulatory and reputational risk.

  • Stop onboarding mules by checking multiple data points that provide tangible, actionable intelligence in real time.
  • Stop abuse of your services for fraud and money laundering, reducing losses and regulatory risk.
  • Lower costs by ending the onboarding journey before more expensive identity checks are run.

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Relevant industries

  • Financial Institutions
  • Crypto Businesses
  • Online Businesses
  • Social Media

Intelligence & Investigations

Our proprietary cybercrime data delivers unique insights that help protect your reputation and has the potential to improve investigation results by showing connections between previously isolated incidents.

  • Actionable intelligence from global cybercrime data sharing for due diligence and investigations.
  • Protect your reputation with instant alerts of relevant new watchlist entries.
  • Connect isolated cybercrime information to a larger network of connected incidents to disrupt criminal organizations.

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Relevant industries

  • Financial Institutions
  • Crypto Businesses
  • Cybersecurity
  • Law Enforcement
  • Insurance
  • Legal


Strengthening the trust and safety for the blockchain based financial ecosystem.

  • Relevant data

    Over 50% of our CYBERA watchlist data is connected to a crypto address.

  • AML compliance

    Tangible and actionable intelligence on money mules, including suspicious wallet addresses and fiat bank accounts.

  • Industry collaboration

    Our solutions help victims and partners across the traditional and crypto sector.

Our solutions are delivered with a choice of interfaces to ease integration.

If prevention fails, we react – combine the CYBERA WATCHLIST™ with the CYBERA VSR™ solution.


Superior data. The new gold standard in anti-scam watchlists.

  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Onboarding & KYC
  • Intelligence & Investigations


End-to-end Scam Victim Support & Response.

  • How It Works
  • Victim Support
  • AML Compliance

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