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End-to-end Scam Victim Support & Response solution. Swiss excellence in customer protection. Protecting 5+ million customers.

Expert victim support when your customers need it most

Providing a coordinated legal response to support victims, by sharing criminal complaints with beneficiary institutions and law enforcement, assisting in the effort to recover funds and reduce money laundering.

  • Unique approach supports victims of cybercrime

    Improved customer support through quick and easy fraud reporting, increasing the chances of recovery.

  • Improve efficiency in fraud reporting

    Reduced cost to service and share fraud and scam reports, whilst gaining accurate metrics of the scope of scams to aid future investment strategies.

  • Actionable AML alerts

    Receive high quality alerts of mules at your institution, reducing money laundering and disrupting cyber criminals.


Coordinated response

The first global digital criminal complaint system designed to reduce cybercrime losses across traditional payment channels and crypto.

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Cybercrime Attack

Your customers are being targeted by fraudsters. Lured by increasingly elaborate schemes, customers are tricked into transferring funds to fraudsters – known as authorized fraud.

According to the FBI

Business Email Compromise -> losses $9bn
Investment Scams -> losses $3bn
Romance Scams -> losses $2bn


Online Reporting

Victims report details of the cybercrime attack digitally via our user friendly reporting tool.

  • Trained experts on hand to support
  • Multiple language and currencies supported
  • Support for fiat, crypto and NFT related incidents
  • Constantly updated based on cybercrime trends
  • White-labeled and customizable to increase trust
  • Tailored recommendations for ongoing support to victims

Rapid Response

In line with INTERPOL Stop-payment-request recommendations, we rapidly transmit legal criminal complaints to the appropriate international parties.

  • Provides best chance for recovering stolen funds
  • Automated legal complaint generation & support with crypto asset tracing
  • Smart triage system to improve adequate response
  • Proprietary distribution database with 500+ relevant contacts
  • Translation into relevant languages for faster reaction
  • Dashboard to track progress for involved parties

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Customer Support

Fraud and scams hit your customers hard. How your business responds to these frauds can have a big impact on your reputation, as your customers turn to you for help.

  • Provide best customer experience for scam victims to increase your reputation and reduce legal costs.
  • Free up resources dealing with customer support.
  • Get streamlined insights and analytics regarding customers affected by scams and fraud to make informed decisions regarding financial cybercrime risks.



  • Financial Services
  • Law Enforcement
  • Legal & Insurance
  • Web3 & NFT
  • Online Businesses

AML Compliance

Real-time payments have led to faster money laundering and the scale is huge. Respond in real time to the threats caused by mule accounts reducing abuse across the lifecycle.

  • Receive official criminal victim complaints immediately via our web portal or API.
  • Detect money laundering at your institution or crypto exchange to reduce risks faster.
  • Immediately usable information to trigger suspicious activity reporting and freeze funds.



  • Financial Services
  • Law Enforcement
  • Online Platforms
  • Web3 & NFT

Prevention is better than cure – combine the CYBERA VSR™ with the CYBERA WATCHLIST™ solution.


End-to-end Cybercrime Victim Support & Response.

  • How It Works
  • Victim Support
  • AML Compliance


Superior data. The new gold standard in scam watchlists.

  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Onboarding & KYC
  • Intelligence & Investigations

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