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Join the premier AI-enhanced platform for victim support and information sharing, featuring 300+ daily unique fraud and AML risk indicators. In case of prevention failure, count on our fast alerts and fund recovery.

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Converge founder New North
Converge founder New North
Converge founder New North

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AI-driven AML Watchlist featuring 300+ daily high-risk fraud/scam indicators.

  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Onboarding & KYC
  • Intelligence & Investigations
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Cybera VSR™

End-to-end Support & Response for Scam Victims.

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  • Victim Support
  • AML Compliance

Real-time data-centric platform

Recover crypto and fiat funds

Reduce cyber crime related costs

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It is imperative to raise the cost of conducting scams and increase the risks for cybercriminals. This can only be achieved through effective cooperation, with companies working alongside each other and side by side with law enforcement. Contact us and become a part of our mission to stop scams and disrupt cybercrime today.


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