Our customers’ data protected

Our mission is to help disrupt financially motivated cybercrime and as such, we practice what we preach in terms of cybersecurity. Protecting the data of victims and partners is, therefore, a key objective. Outlined below are the systems and processes we use to achieve great security at CYBERA. Contact us at for any questions.

Security by Design

Security starts at the beginning when designing our products and services. To this end our developers follow these best practices:


All our data is encrypted whether in transit or at rest to protect it. Sensitive information such as IBAN information runs through a cryptographic process (“Cryptobox”) before being stored inside CYBERA’s database. Also, the traffic between the browsers and CYBERA is encrypted.

We utilize HTTPS protocol, with custom domains secured with TLS certificates. In addition, all connections with remote management tools and clients are encrypted. Application secrets, database credentials, API tokens, and private keys are stored in secure environment variables.


CYBERA is built on Microsoft Web Services to provide the best infrastructure foundations.

Our Tier IV data center is hosted in Switzerland. As a Microsoft-hosted data center has all the security certifications you would expect including:

Click here for additional information on Microsoft Swiss data centers.

In addition, we utilize an Internal Load Balancer (ILB) behind a web application firewall, which provides enterprise-level protection to public-facing applications, DDOS protection, filtering, and SQL injection prevention.

We have a dedicated security team to manage developments and ensure we utilize current best practices within our infrastructure.

Access Control

We use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for internal access to our network and infrastructure. Validation of both user and device identity is undertaken for access to internal resources and uses federated User Identity to provide Zero-Trust Access.

At CYBERA we operate on the ‘least privilege’ principle, ensuring all staff has only the access they need to reduce security risks. All-access is time-boxed and all actions are tracked and auditable.

We use various tools to monitor the security of our platforms across networks and applications, alerting us where potential unauthorized access is detected.