CYBERA_ Certification NFT

The World's First NFT Certificate. Authenticity, Transparency, Safety. All on the blockchain.


An NFT that gives your business an authentic feel, and your community a place to feel safe and secure

  • An opportunity to prove your authenticity on the blockchain, increasing customer trust
  • A visual method for verifying members of the CYBERA_ family
  • Comes free to businesses who subscribe to our WATCHLIST™ and VSR™ solutions


Rising NFT/Crypto fraud and scams are harming the community and threatening institutions’ liability, eroding trust in the space. Our solutions:

  • Protect communities from NFT scams by providing victims tools to report and recover lost assets
  • Give customers and institutions a way to report crypto scams and recover lost funds
  • Provide businesses with proactive and reactive approach to secure clients from crypto and NFT scams




Upon subscribing to CYBERCRIME WATCHLISTTM and CYBERCRIME VSRTM, partners are given an access code to mint their NFT.

The NFT, powered by W 3 O L A B S, can be displayed on their social media and website, to display their official CYBERA_ certification.




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Electric Opensea

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Superior data. The new gold standard in cybercrime watchlists.

  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Onboarding & KYC
  • Intelligence & Investigations
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Cybera VSR™

Swiss excellence in customer protection. Actionable money laundering alerts.

  • How It Works
  • Victim Support
  • AML Compliance
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