April 15 • 2024

Scorechain and CYBERA Forge Strategic Partnership to Enhance Blockchain Analytics and Asset Recovery Solutions

Cybercrime is low risk, low investment, and high return. Not surprisingly, illegal financial gain is one of the biggest reasons for cyber-attacks. The result is a predicted USD 10 Trillion of damages by 2025. Our vision is to change that.

CYBERA, a leading provider of advanced reporting and prevention tools to combat scams and fraud, has announced a strategic partnership with Scorechain, a premier European provider of Blockchain Analytics and AML/Compliance Solutions. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the blockchain industry, combining Scorechain’s expertise in analytics with CYBERA’s cutting-edge solutions for scam response & prevention. 

The partnership between Scorechain and CYBERA is diverse, offering users robust tools to combat scams and reclaim assets. A significant aspect of this collaboration is the incorporation of CYBERA’s datasets into Scorechain’s solution. This integration grants Scorechain customers access to essential data on scams and AML risks, delivering invaluable insights. Users can effortlessly transition between Scorechain’s and CYBERA’s platforms, optimizing the investigation process for heightened understanding.

Furthermore, Scorechain’s own solution leverages CYBERA’s intelligence for Blockchain Analytics, reinforcing the depth and accuracy of Scorechain’s offerings. This symbiotic relationship between the two companies ensures that users receive unparalleled value and insights, strengthening their capabilities in navigating the complexities of blockchain transactions.

Claudio Staub, CCO of CYBERA, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “At CYBERA, we are dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations with the tools they need to combat scams and recover assets. Our collaboration with Scorechain represents a significant step forward in achieving this mission. By integrating our intelligence with Scorechain’s solution, we can provide users with actionable insights to fight Internet Crimes.”

Frank Harzheim, CCO of Scorechain, echoed Claudio’s sentiments, emphasizing the mutual benefits of the partnership. “Scorechain is committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower our customers to navigate the blockchain landscape with confidence. Our partnership with CYBERA exemplifies this commitment by providing users with comprehensive tools for scam reporting, asset recovery & AML intelligence. Together, we are setting a new standard for excellence in blockchain analytics and compliance.”

The strategic alliance between Scorechain and CYBERA represents a notable stride forward in combating scams and illicit activities within the blockchain domain. Leveraging their individual expertise, Scorechain and CYBERA are primed to offer unparalleled benefits to users on a global scale.


At CYBERA we’re on a mission to stop money laundering and help protect customers from scams and other financial cybercrimes. We close gaps that allow cyber criminals to thrive by sharing actionable information in real-time with financial institutions, fintech, and crypto exchanges, and coordinating a global legal response to support victims of financial cybercrime. We’re backed by leading US & Swiss Venture Capital Investors. Headquartered in New York City, CYBERA has a remote work culture and real-life presence in Los Angeles, Zurich, London, Melbourne, São Paulo, and Dubai. Find out more about how CYBERA can help protect your institution and its customers from financial cybercrime at www.cybera.io

CYBERA is also a strategic partner and technology-doner to the Non Profit SCAM:help (www.scamhelp.org), dedicated to building the ultimate guide for scam survivors with the support of industry expert Ambassadors.

About Scorechain

Scorechain is the European provider of Blockchain Analytics and AML/Compliance Solutions for cryptocurrencies. Trusted by financial institutions, Scorechain helps them to understand the risks behind transactions and addresses by providing actionable insights and risk-scoring capabilities. For more information visit https://www.scorechain.com/.