February 1 • 2023

EURO FINANCE Tech Day 2022 #3 Role of FIAT and Crypto in Cybercrime

Cybercrime is low risk, low investment, and high return. Not surprisingly, illegal financial gain is one of the biggest reasons for cyber-attacks. The result is a predicted USD 10 Trillion of damages by 2025. Our vision is to change that.

EURO FINANCE Tech Day – as part of the panel discussion “The Future Faces of Fintech”, our Co-Founder and CRO talks about the importance of supporting both fiat and crypto companies, how they are intertwined, and how they are going to become even more intertwined in the future.

About Claudio

Claudio Staub is Co-Founder and CRO of CYBERA. He is a B2B sales and business development executive. He has been working in leading functions at high-growth companies providing innovative alternative legal services. Roles included global commercial director at Factor, the market leader in managed legal services, and head of sales for Continental Europe at Axiom, the global leader in specialized on-demand legal talent. Claudio has vast experience entering new markets, building new business and sales teams and leading commercial activities in the US and EMEA region. 

Claudio Staub also serves as an advisor and investor to early-stage Startup companies in different sectors. He holds a Master of Law from the University of Zurich and earned an MBA with distinction from IE Business School, Madrid.