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Today, less than 1% of cybercrime victims receive effective support.

Our goal is to empower the remaining 99% who lost funds to cybercriminals.

To start the process and check if we can support you, check if your bank, VASP (Crypto Exchange, etc.) or your local law enforcement agency partners with us.

You can still file a complaint with us under our Consumer Protection & Pro-Bono Program

and we encourage you to do so. Why?

Due to the high volume of complaints submitted under our Consumer Protection and Pro-Bono Program, we are currently unable to respond to victims under 48h of submitting a complaint.

We will provide our recommendations and response via the CYBERA victim portal.

File Complaint

Questions?We’re here to help

What happens when I file a complaint with your platform?

In line with INTERPOL recommendations, we rapidly transmit legal criminal complaints to the appropriate international parties.

Combined with preventive solutions to spot fraudulent transactions, this provides the best and only way to increase your chance of freezing and recovering stolen funds.

Why don't you allow every victim to get your help and support?

To guarantee the highest quality for all parties involved in the response and recovery process (you as a victim, financial institutions, VASPs, and law enforcement), our solution primarily works in collaboration with vetted financial institutions & law enforcement partners.

However, we often help selected victims with our response as part of our Pro-Bono Program. If you like what we do, please inform your local law enforcement agency or banking institution about CYBERA and recommend they get in touch with us so we can start a collaboration and help even more victims than today.

How can I access the CYBERA victim portal?

To access the CYBERA victim portal you will first need to file a complaint.

If you file a complaint with us under the Pro-Bono program, it will show that when logging into the victim portal. If your case is selected for the program, we will inform you proactively and you will get an email notification.